Some companies are only able to provide half of what is really needed for “proof of funds”. They simply provide a letter that says “we promise that there is money in there”, and the buyer hopes that’s enough to cut it with the seller. Link Source Management also has a letter that we provide to the seller, HOWEVER we provide an actual verification of deposit or bank statement that proves there is actual money in the bank for use!! There is a real difference between "proof" and "illusion" of funds.


Q—How does this work?
A—First Sign Up to create an account then second, log in and follow the process described below to get POF and Account statements.

Q—How do I sign up?

  1. First create an account by clicking HERE which takes you to the Registration Page
  2. After filling in the form, click Submit at the bottom
  3. You will be taken to PayPal to create an account (if you already have one, simply sign in) and set up for payment.
  4. After payment is processed, you will be redirected back to the main page where you can log in.
  5. Note: if you do not complete the PayPal portion, you will not have access to the service and will need to call for a re-registration.

Q—How do I get POF letters and account statements to add with my offers?

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click Request POF
  3. Choose General or Property Specific POF. If property specific you will need to choose a property already entered or create a new one.
  4. Enter Amount Needed and then select desired Provider by clicking Requesting POF next to providers name, if the total amount needed exceeds any one provider, you can repeat the process to combine 2 or more providers totaling your funding request.
  5. Confirm Request
  6. Click Agree to Terms Of Use
  7. The Proof Of Funds letter and account statement will be emailed to you for use with your offers.

Q—How often can I use this service?
A—During your one month billing cycle, you have unlimited access to the POF services.

Q—Is there a contract?
A—No. You are auto-billed on each anniversary date but you can cancel at any time and the next auto bill will be stopped and the service will then stop.

Q—How do I cancel my subscription?
A—Simply log into your account and in the "My Account" section, click Cancel Subscription.

Q—How current are the POF and statements?
A—POF letters are updated as of the day of request, and the account statements are generally updated monthly.

Q—What name should I use when ordering the POF and Statements?
A—Either your personal name or company name…if using company name then you must use both first and last name fields for the name... (e.g. First Name Field = Mayple Hills, Last Name = LLC)

Q—How do I change my account and name information?
A—Log in, click on Edit, then revise your account info.

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